Mad Mike Whiddett drifts the Magic Roundabout

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During his stellar drifting career, Mad Mike Whiddett has drifted a car up a mountain range in his native New Zealand and power slided across a frozen lake in Japan. Now, though, he’s added yet another major feat onto his CV by becoming the first ever person to drift a car around Swindon’s iconic, Magic Roundabout. Mad Mike’s Magic Roundabout drift was facilitated by Swindon Council to help mark 175 years since the birth of the Swindon Railway Works.

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Mike’s challenge was to burst onto the Magic Roundabout at high speed and then artfully drift his way through the landmark’s various obstacles, including traffic islands, drains and elevation changes. For the uninitiated, the Magic Roundabout is one of the wildest, weirdest pieces of town planning anywhere in the world, a giant mother of a roundabout in the Wiltshire town of England surrounded by a myriad of satellite baby roundabouts. It actually consists of five mini-roundabouts that orbit around a sixth central, anti-clockwise roundabout.

A special car was needed for the job, of course, which is why Mike plucked for his BadBul, the 800bhp-plus Mazda RX8 that he won Red Bull Drift Shifters with in 2014.

When asked to describe his experience Mike said: ”This is one of the craziest roundabouts I’ve ever discovered. This place is crazy, there are so many islands and obstacles. It’s a real challenge to come flying into this roundabout as fast as we can, drift around it and then head straight back out the other side.”

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