Toyota Australia introduce the GT86 Shooting Brake

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Toyota Australia has revealed a new shooting brake concept based on the GT86 coupe. It’s been created as a one-off concept by Toyota Australia, but this shooting brake isn’t some rolling shell. It’s a real car that could be put into production if the company decided it wanted to. The car was conceived and developed by Toyota Australia’s design team and hand-built in Japan under the direction of Toyota’s global sports car division. Unveiled in Sydney by GT86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, the concept adds new hatchback styling to the coupe’s rear end.

Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept

Brad Cramb, from Toyota Australia’s marketing department, said the concept’s shooting brake name reflected how the design gives the GT86 more rear headroom and luggage space: “The GT86 lends itself perfectly to a concept that expands its appeal with added versatility, while retaining its sleek and sporty coupe styling and sharp, responsive driving character.

“I was totally surprised and liked it so much that I arranged for my expert takumi craftsmen to hand-build the Shooting Brake concept, based on the Australian design,” says the 86’s Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada.

Tada-san was apparently convinced to build a full-scale version after being shown a quarter-scale clay model during a visit to Australia in November 2014. The one proviso being the Australians didn’t tamper with the front-end too much, as Nicolas Hogios, Toyota’s Australian design chief explained.

Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept

“Like kids in a lolly shop, we thought about restyling more of the car; however, like a good parent saying ‘no’ to too many sweets, we made the conscious decision to keep as much of the original GT86 as possible, only changing what was absolutely necessary.”

As a two-door wagon the shooting brake exists at the unusual but captivating intersection between practicality and sportiness. This Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept is no different – it’s a standard GT86, with no mechanical alterations save the grafted-on wagonette roof and hatch. It’s fully functional, too, having turned some laps on Toyota’s test tracks.

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