Hennessey break records in the Venom GT Spyder

by • June 15, 2016 • FeatureComments (0)5821

On Saturday, March 26 the Hennessey Venom GT became the fastest open top sports car by running 265.6 mph. When you’re trying to set a top speed record, it helps to have everything working properly.


But when John Hennessey and his team got to their testing site to attempt a new world record convertible top speed run, they had a problem. One of the three fuel pumps in their Venom GT Spyder wasn’t working.

The Hennessey team was able to get the car to run on the two fuel pumps that were still functioning, but that meant the car would be down nearly 300 horsepower from its typical 1451 horsepower. Even so, they still managed to beat the convertible top speed world record previously held by the Bugatti Veyron, with a terminal velocity of 265 mph.

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