The Eagle Roadster top down fun in the E-Type

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Eagle has focused for over thirty years to refine, develop and deliver exceptional engineering for the Jaguar E-Type while remaining true to the spirit of this extraordinary car. The Eagle E-Type has often been described as ‘the finest hand-built car in the world’. The Eagle Speedster, Low Drag GT and now the Spyder GT are also restorations built from an original Jaguar E-Type, but include aesthetic and performance enhancements.

Eagle Speedster and Low Drag GT

Eagle has been in the E-Type business for 31 years, and still buys and sells original E-Types, as well as complete and “compromise free” restorations built from original models. The Spyder GT is an exotic all-aluminium E-Type lightweight roadster based around an original 1960’ s classic, every line and detail is honed to perfection and performance is greatly enhanced. Each of the very few produced will have an entirely bespoke specification dependent of the specific desires of each client.

“Development of the Spyder GT began soon after the launch of the Speedster in 2011 and, like everything we produce, we wanted to ensure that we got as close to perfection as humanly possible. We’re renowned for being perfectionists and our clients are too – so we took the time to develop and deliver an E-Type that stands proud alongside the Speedster and the Low Drag GT.”

2 Eagle Spyder front

The first Eagle Spyder GT will be presented to the commissioning customer during the Summer of 2016. Each Spyder will be bespoke to individual customers, and as mentioned, the first one being built will be delivered in the summer. No doubt you want one. They’re aiming to build around half a dozen, and each one will cost you £695,000 around $995,000 USD or about the same as the Low Drag Eagle.

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