Lexus LC 500

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Not since the LF-A have we been this excited about a Lexus and it is called the LC 500, and it is essentially a road going LF-LC Concept which Lexus debuted in 2012. The LC 500 is a four-seat front-engined and rear wheel drive coupe. The engine sitting up front is the 5.0-litre V8 (467bhp, 389lb ft) and it is the same motor shared with the RC F and GS F. Backing up the engine is a ten-speed transmission which Lexus claim is nearly as fast as a dual-clutch automatic, and that the overall size is smaller than some eight speed gearboxes.


Chief Engineer Koji Sato said: “Design and engineering sides worked together on issues and obstacles that were overcome one by one. I feel we achieved something greater than simply preserving the spirit of the concept’s design.”

The 2017 LC 500 shows where Lexus is headed. Lexus call it the GA-L architecture, and it’s basically a focus on placing the heavy bits of the car which include the engine and occupants lower and more centrally in the chassis to help improve handling. Internally, Lexus engineers have called it the ‘inertia spec’. Torsional rigidity is said to be better than the all-carbon fiber LF A supercar.


Lexus also talk about other ‘mass management’ factors specific to the LC 500, including an optional carbon roof (standard is a glass panel), aluminum door skins mounted to a carbon fiber inner door structure and a composite boot floor.

On the technology front, the 2017 LC 500 comes with an optional package that includes all the driver-assistance goodies the company offers. That includes all-speed dynamic cruise control, lane-keeping assist, collision mitigation, and automatic high-beams. Also optional is a carbon-fiber roof, replacing the standard panoramic glass.

Based on the concept car exterior and the gorgeous cabin, we’re excited to watch the journey Lexus is taking.

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