McLaren P1 – End of an era

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The final chapter in the production of the McLaren P1 has now been written as the 375th and final example was completed. From launch, the model was designed with one key goal: to be the best drivers’ car on road and track. Since headlining the debut motor show appearance for McLaren Automotive at the 2012 Paris Motor Show as a design study, the first model in the McLaren Ultimate Series has been writing headlines, breaking lap times and thrilling owners the world over.


Production commenced during the summer of 2013, with all cars sold prior to the first car being delivered, and the first car – finished with Ice Silver paintwork – rolled off the production line during the 50th anniversary celebrations of McLaren in September 2013. A fitting tribute to Bruce McLaren; the man whose dream it was to produce the ultimate drivers’ car. Following this, each and every car was custom-built to the exacting specifications of its owner, in consultation with the team at McLaren Special Operations (MSO), ensuring that no two cars are the same. Running at full capacity, the bespoke Ultimate Series production line within the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) finished one car per day.


The final production example of the McLaren P1 is finished in pearlescent orange, achieved through a unique tinting process. The color echoes the shade of the 64th and final McLaren F1 roadcar, chassis #075, which went on to inspire Volcano Orange, available today across the McLaren Automotive range. P1 one (silver) and P1 375 (orange) are separated by two years and three months. Each P1 took around 800 hours to produce, with over 100 craftsmen and women involved in the manufacturing of each one.

Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer at McLaren Automotive commented: ‘The McLaren P1 has achieved more than we ever expected of it since it was first previewed little over three years ago, both as a new generation of supercar, and in enhancing the McLaren brand globally. As the direct ancestor to the fabled McLaren F1 – and the first in a new breed of hybrid-powered supercars – it had big shoes to fill, and it has more than succeeded. It has established itself as a true contender, proving to be more than a worthy rival on both road and track against long established rivals.”


Now that all 375 have been completed, the company is retiring the model entirely. It still has a handful of track-bound P1 GTRs to finish, but expects to complete those early in the new year ahead. However one thing that has us a little sad is McLaren currently have no plans for a successor at the moment.

Flewitt, added: “The McLaren P1 has already established itself as an icon and any car that is to continue the lineage of the Ultimate Series will need to be a worthy successor – a significant step change in technology or performance is required to ensure this is the case. The future is undecided at this stage.”

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