McLaren look to the future in the MP4-X

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The MP4-X is a concept car like no other McLaren have harnessed the most cutting-edge, avant-garde technological solutions that exist in the world today to create a racecar that could exist in the distant future. The technology that has been applied to the MP4-X is all real, even if it’s still in its earliest stages of conception.

McLaren Applied Technologies is at the forefront of the development of these new forms of tech and we see this in the MP4-X. The car uses all manner of ground effects, active aerodynamics, and advanced chassis technology to help it perform on the race track.


A few things that are not quite common at the moment but we certainly hope they are in the future is the MP4-X is charged by the track itself and uses solar panels for additional power. As a safety precaution, it has an integrated canopy that can change to allow fans to see inside the cockpit, and the now-fully-encased wheels have tire sensors that feed information back to both the driver and the team. The driver is also very much at one with the MP4-X as the drivers brain patterns are used to control its various systems.

Even in a virtual racing series we think that it would be pretty awesome to watch them race and fingers crossed some of these ideas find their way to the track.

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