The YMVSV’s MotoBot

by • November 30, 2015 • FeatureComments (0)6331

Here it is: a robot that can ride a motorcycle. It is called the Yamaha MotoBot Concept. No one can accuse Yamaha of dreaming small with its Motobot project. Yamaha‘s end goal is to have the robot ride an un-modded motorcycle on a track at more than 124 mph.


Eventually Yamaha’s lofty goal is to build an autonomous, motorcycle-riding robot capable of beating MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi around a track. Highly skilled human riders already have a serious challenge against Rossi during races, so there’s definitely a lot work ahead for this machine.

To the project’s credit, the Motobot is apparently already capable of piloting an R1M sport bike. While beating Rossi might never happen, Yamaha‘s more realistic goal with this endeavor is to develop the next-generation of rider safety tech.

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